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Neti Neti Meditation
Neti Neti Meditation

Neti Neti Meditation

Summer Series

Winter Series

Lagos, Av. do Cabo Bojador 1 Loja G, 8600-774 Lagos, Portugal


Neti- Neti is is a Sanskrit expression which means “not this, not that". It is one of the oldest meditation tenchniques in the world. Through intense introspection one begins to recognize that we are not our bodies, minds, emotions or thoughts... who we are is boundless.

In this session we will learn the basic principles of Neti-Neti and I will guide us through a 30 minute meditation. 

Meditation is a powerful tool for changing out patterns and behaviours. 

It allows us quiet the mind and detach from our thoughts. 

It builds mental resilience and helps us see ourselves and the world more clearly. 

It helps us find serenity. 

Neti Neti meditation is a process of letting go of everything that is not us- until we are left with 'the self'. We then let go of everything we think defines "the self" and discover what remains.


For example, whenever a thought or feeling which is not the goal of the meditation — that is, which is not the soul, the inner self — occurs to the mind, the meditator simply says, "Not this, not this," and dismisses the thought, image, concept, sound, or sense distraction.

Any thought, any feeling, is discarded — patiently discarded — again and again if necessary, until the mind is clear and the soul is revealed.

Please bring a journal if you would like to take notes. 


  • February 1st - 6.30pm

    Please bring a journal to take notes.

    +€0.30 service fee



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