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Breathwork and Mindfulness Retreat

February/March Exact Date TBD - Lagos, Portugal

This 4-day experience will be held at a majestic Villa by the ocean in Lagos, Portugal.

Mindfulness and Cultural Immersion Retreat

July 22-29th 2023 - Venado, Guanacaste, Costa Rica​

This week-long experience are held in a beautiful space, nestled in 16 acres of jungle and with views of the ocean. Here you can summon your authentic self, explore your magic and intuition, develop meaningful relationships with a small group of supportive individuals, and immerse yourself in authentic cultural experiences.​

When you think about the word ‘retreat’. It really just means to take a step back. We can easily fall into daily rhythms, thought patterns, and programs that keep us trapped and make us feel stuck. If you want to move through something, it is much easier if you can peel back the layers, removing yourself from everything you think defines you - whether that be your culture, society, job, family, etc. 

With these layers removed, you can find silence and observe yourself, and your intuition can shine through. Then you can make the changes necessary at your very core. These retreats are designed with this theory of transformation in mind - removing you from your typical environment and holding a safe nurturing space where these shifts will happen. 

The retreat includes accommodation, delicious meals, guided meditations, group discussions, reiki sessions, breathwork workshops, daily yoga and meditations. We will also take cooking classes, SUP adventures, and explore the area and connect with the local community.

1 SPACE LEFT - For more information contact me directly. Don't miss this beautiful opportunity to retreat from the buzz of society, reconnect with the earth, and remember the power of simplicity and community.

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