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Mind Garden

Like a garden, the mind needs to be nurtured,

nourished, cared for and loved,

in order to grow and blossom.

Reiki, Conscious Breathwork and Mindfulness

bring clarity, balance, focus and strength

to your mind, body and spirit.​

Discover your inner power and wisdom.

Become aware of the strength within yourself.

Find freedom though self love.

"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.

When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers."

Thich Nhat Hanh

These wise words apply to ourselves as well as others. Presence allows us to become aware of our thoughts, habits, patterns and attachments. Bringing them into awareness gives us the power to change them. When we become the observer, we learn to trust ourselves, and we can live life more authentically.


Mindfulness, Breath and Reiki work beautifully together to bring you inner peace.

Mindfulness gives us direction to a way of thinking that focuses on the present moment, while Reiki is a vehicle to embody this authentically into the mind, body and spirit.

Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness; our body to our mind. 


Join me for in-person sessions at Holistic Spa in Alvor,

Sunrise & Sunset sessions by the ocean in Lagos,

or private sessions in the comfort of your home. 

Wherever you are in the world we can connect through Distance Healing & Virtual Sessions. 

I look forward to meeting you.

I'm so excited to be leading at a Mindfulness & Cultural Immersion Retreat in Venado, Costa Rica in 2023!

Step away from the buzz of society.

Remove yourself from everything you think defines you. 

Reconnect with yourself, the earth, and remember the power of simplicity and community. 

May 20 -27

July 8 - 15

July 22 - 29

What people are saying.. 

Pink Blossom

Alexandra is truly amazing at what she does! I have been curious about reiki for years and I am so glad I finally decided to give it a try! She made me feel completely comfortable, which allowed me to be open to the whole experience. I am so grateful for her help and how much this practice has completely change my life!

Morgan W, CO

Pink Blossom

I didn’t know distance reiki actually worked until I had a session with Alexandra. I’ve worked with other reiki practitioners and nothing comes close. I felt her energy immediately, I knew exactly what part of my body she was working on. Her insight into my soul was SO clear, I asked myself how she could possibly understand me so well even though I didn’t share anything with her before hand. She is calming and sweet and passionate about her work. Highly recommend and booking again. 

Liz Carmela, NY

Pink Blossom

I’ve been seeing Alex for Reiki sessions since last June and I can’t recommend her enough. She is an incredibly powerful and intuitive energy worker. This past year has been a year of great transformation and healing for me and having Alex as a resource has been a godsend. No matter how stressed or emotional I show up, Alex’s sessions always put me in a very deep state of relaxation to where I typically am in and out of sleep. They are a total reset. I feel my energy shift from being disorganized and blocked, to flowing freely. Before and after the session, Alex is always willing to discuss what has been coming up for me and feel very comfortable being vulnerable around her. I’m always impressed by the intuitive insights she shares and how accurate they are. Alex also facilitated my first distance reiki session. The concept of distance reiki is hard to believe until you experience it, but now I actually prefer it! It may be hard to believe, but I actually find the distance sessions be more powerful. One time I had an insane fever - my temperature dropped from 102 to 95 in just a few hours. I happened to be in Costa Rica and the hospital was pretty far away so I was pretty nervous about my health. Alex worked on me later that day and my temperature finally stabilized and I felt comforted that I was going to be ok. Probably the most important, when Alex works on me I feel held in a safe, loving space, which provides the environment for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to heal. As I said, I can’t recommend her enough.

Tammy Stone, CO

Pink Blossom

Alexandra was professional and very caring. She is certainly an effective Reiki practitioner, I would recommend her to anyone seeking energy healing. I felt energized and revitalized after my session with her. I appreciated the written summary that she provided me with afterward, it's helpful to have these tools as I navigate my healing journey. Thank you for everything!

Wendy Miller, CO


“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”


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