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It is fascinating how we so innately trust the wisdom of our body.

We trust our breath to come in and go out.

We trust our ears to hear.

We trust our eyes to see.

We trust our organs to work.

But, why should the mind be any different? The heart?

Mindfulness helps us cultivate trust within ourselves, and the more we can learn to trust ourselves, the more trust we can bring to our relationships, to other people, and to the challenges we face in life.

Mindfulness and Reiki beautifully complement each other.

Mindfulness gives us direction to a way of thinking that focuses on the present moment, while Reiki is a vehicle to embody this authentically into the mind, body and spirit.

Together, they empower us to trust ourselves.

They bring awareness.

They help us notice the ways we don’t trust ourselves, and how it effects our lives.

They open space for an opportunity to shift our perspective.

I am currently training in Mindfulness (MBSR) and Integrative Breathwork. If you are interested in taking a free class with me, please reach out.

These words are inspired by Jon Kabat-Zinn who is a leader in Mindfulness at The University of Massachusetts.

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